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Deal a Story Card Game for Writers by Sue Viders

What a Novel Idea! Deal Me In!

Fiction Writers, novelists, screen writers, playwrights, joke writers, comediennes, teachers, coaches, agents, students: You Hold All the Cards when you join people all over the world who are using “Deal a Story” to make their work richer and more interesting.

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MILLIONS of combinations are possible that can add to your writing. It is like having a room full of geniuses brainstorming with you!

Computers have made writing novels, stories, screenplays, jokes and other types of fiction easier than ever before; but there’s still one great difficulty – thinking up plots, characters and story lines.  That traditionally requires waiting for a muse to bring ideas—until now. 

Such a Deal 

An innovative new card game helps writers overcome creative downtime and the discomfort of facing a blank page.  Deal A Story is a deck of 101 cards that can produce over one million story ideas. It combines characters with a variety of plots and genres, offering a unique way to develop interesting story concepts and add new life to old plots or cardboard characters.

Created by Sue Viders, a highly acclaimed author and writing teacher, Deal A Story has been used by everyone from creative writing and screenplay classes to improvisational workshops, theater groups, and critique groups.  “It’s a great tool for brainstorming,” she explains.  “It helps people energize their imagination and think outside the box.”  Most important, it’s a fun game that you can play alone or with a group.

Pick a Card, Any Card, Any Card At All

The deck is divided into six categories of sixteen cards apiece: Hero, Heroine, Villain, Genre, Plot and Flaw. Genre examples include historical, inspirational, suspense, and horror. Plots might be escape, rescue, or coming of age.  But the final touch that makes each story unique is the Flaw card.  Each one suggests several variations of a flaw that the character must change or conquer during the course of the story. For example the flaw of addiction card lists addictions such as alcohol, drugs, gambling, and even risk taking. “Flaws are those wonderful challenges that make characters memorable and stories unforgettable,” notes Viders.

In each round, a player chooses a card from each group and is automatically presented with the start of a story.  What if you get stuck?  Don’t worry.  The deck also includes five wild cards full of suggestions on what to do next or how to spur your story along.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sue Viders (The Author’s Author), the inventor, is the author of over twenty books including HEROES and HEROINES and Ten Steps to CREATING MEMORABLE CHARACTERS.  A former columnist for The Artist’s Magazine, Viders also writes for national magazines, both in print and on-line, and teaches writing classes.  She lives in Lone Tree, a suburb of Denver, with her lawyer husband.