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Healing My Wounded Inner Child: A Journey Toward Wholeness by Jan E. Frazier

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Healing My Wounded Inner Child: A Journey Toward Wholeness by Jan E. Frazier

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At the age of four, a little girl sat in the corner of the small, modest living room, her knees pulled up under her plaid dress. As her mother vacuumed, the little girl's eyes searched the room for her Dickie Doll because if he sat in her lap, she wouldn't be alone anymore. However, even if she saw the doll, she still couldn't get him because she was afraid to leave the security of her corner.

Fear – that can be a huge factor in a child's life while growing up in a dysfunctional family. The little girl's nine-year-old brother had died of leukemia, and her mother, grieving the loss of her son and unable to cope, seemed to withdraw from life. Lost in her own thoughts, the mother had little interaction with her young daughter. Thus, the four-year-old was left in a cold, scary, and often overwhelming world with thoughts that made her feel as if she must be a horrible child for her mother to “leave” her and not talk to her.

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Healing My Wounded Inner Child is a true story of J.E. Frazier's struggles and constant journey to uncover, accept, and love her Inner Child. Everyone has a vulnerable Inner Child, and getting in touch with that child can be an essential part of healing from past traumatic experiences (be it death of a loved one, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, or any other dramatic experience that a child is forced to withstand). Emotional abuse is an insidious form of abuse as there are no physical scars; there is no name calling, screaming, or alcoholic rages. However, the child's emotional scars are real. The book touches on many concepts and real-life episodes in Frazier's life which can result from a wounded Inner Child – fear, withdrawal, depression, low self-esteem, Anorexia Nervosa, co-dependency, and perfectionism.  

Healing My Wounded Inner Child helps the reader understand that no matter what the problem may have been that caused the wounded Inner Child, nowadays there is good, affordable, and successful counseling available plus hundreds of self-help books.  If you are willing to take the first step in the healing process, there is a break-through awaiting you, plus there is a brightly shining light for you at the end of the tunnel. It doesn't mean that you won't fail along the way during the journey of life, but it means that you always have hope and a means to recover. A “fall” is only temporary, and you have the weapons available to recover and to fight the battle. Healing My Wounded Inner Child  offers that hope, encouragement, direction, and tools to anyone with an Inner Child who needs healing.


“An excellent autobiography of Jan’s psychological journey of personal insight, acceptance, and healing from the past and folding it into the present.  Her story is a therapeutic description of how powerful understanding all parts of our self can be in making good life choices. This book will strike a chord with any reader.”   – Deb Schierbeck, LCPC

“Reading this book is like opening a window to the soul, one that may have been muddling through each day, unaware that the truth of our adult existence lies within our past experiences.  This author has brought to light the powerful message that by communicating with our inner child, by loving our past selves, by protecting and cherishing that child that we all keep hidden within, we can become the person we were put on this earth to be.  We can be free, happy, and fulfilled.  By reading this book, I came to understand that my inner child (which I had not realized existed) was crying out to be heard and loved and healed.  As the author explains, the process of healing will take work, but the effort will be totally worthwhile.  Thank you, Jan Frazier, for bringing clarity and hope to my journey to become a fully realized adult, one who appreciates the child within but accepts the responsibilities of an adult to make life truly rewarding.” – Christy Loy, secondary teacher

“Through J.E. Frazier's intensely personal account of her ever-continuing journey to discover, understand, accept, and love herself, she hopes to aid others who may be traveling a similar road without much direction.  Frazier shares the inspiration and help she has received from many professionals and then applies this knowledge to situations and conflicts of her own.  The reader follows the path of her life as she struggles to heal her "wounded inner child" and to overcome the effects of being an adult child of an alcoholic.  The book offers a good, insightful read plus encouragement to others who find themselves in similar struggles.” – Karen Smith, Guidance Counselor

Bio of Author: Jan E. Frazier has been in the field of teaching for nearly 40 years, teaching at the secondary level for 25 of those years and taking early retirement in 2002 in order to find time to write. However, as her husband said, “I knew that she’d never leave the field of teaching.” She now has been at Bradley University for 12 years, teaching English and Communication.

This is Jan's first attempt at a self-help book, which is based on her life experiences. She is more noted for her young adult adventure/fantasy novels and for her creative nonfiction books, all totaling 16 to date. Jan travels to Europe every year under the guise that she needs more material for her novels since most of her books are set in Europe. She had the honor to take high school students abroad for 15 years and now teaches the January Interim in London for Bradley.

Being named in Who's Who Among America's Teachers on numerous occasions and receiving various awards for her books, Jan continues to enjoy the creative process of writing plus the rewarding experience of teaching.

Healing My Wounded Inner Child: A Journey to Wholeness
by Jan E. Frazier

Memoir / Self-Help / Emotional Abuse

Soft cover: 5 x 8, 88 pages, $9.99 / Kindle $6.99





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