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Demons Hidden Within: Lifelong Impact of Child Sexual Abuse

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Demons Hidden Within: Lifelong Impact of Child Sexual Abuse

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Demons Hidden Within

Lifelong Impact of Child Sexual Abuse

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THE AUTHOR, Susan Montgomery, ASKS: "Ever wonder why your life often is such a mess – frequently making wrong decisions and often pursuing dead-end relationships?  Perhaps you are among the millions of women and men who were sexually abused as children.  If so, you may have attempted to bury the memories to get on with your life. Not infrequently, you may not even be aware that this atrocious event ever took place.  If not you, perhaps a friend’s life is often askew, and you either know or suspect that she/he was abused many years ago."

In this book, Demons Hidden Within, Susan Montgomery examines her life. She examines her life as a survivor of her father’s sexual abuse, and her often strange behavior as an adult is explained by numerous references to the relevant psychological literature.   Beginning with the help of a psychotherapist after a family tragedy, Susan’s perceptive understanding of the underpinnings of her thinking and actions eventually brought her healing and emotional peace.  

But there is much more:  Susan’s true story includes running away with her three children, a sudden abduction off the streets of Chicago, having two babies born at home, a non-romantic sexual affair with a friend, and her son’s suicide.

When eleven she suffered sexual abuse at the hands of her father. With virtually no resources available, she buried the memory, which seemed moderately successful in that she finished college, married her childhood sweetheart, and had three wonderful children.

But as a young adult, her behavior began exhibiting self-destructive tendencies, the first being a life-threatening loss of weight.  If queried, she would have been unable to explain this or other aberrant behavior.

Devastated by the suicide of her 16-year-old son, she sought psychotherapy, where she began to better understand the underpinnings of her bizarre behavior.  This quest became the basis of Demons Hidden Within. Here, 85 references from the psychological literature clearly link her strange behavior to the underlying, but unrecognized effects of the sexual abuse.

  Reactions from Readers

 “Here is a book, the writing of which has clearly played a key role in the author’s long, and at times bedeviled, path toward recovery from childhood sexual abuse, that serves as an ‘intervention’ bringing hope, inspiration, and guidance for others who have been similarly victimized. It is, in fact, a story that will resonate with anyone whose life has become unhinged by a traumatic event that has left them feeling alone, isolated from the world around them, yet fearing the consequences from sharing their ‘secret’ and feelings with others” ~ W. H., VP, Major Transportation Company/Retired   

I had to take a few days ‘off’ to digest and internalize what I’d read . . . you and I have so many parallels; your clarity of vision on those behaviors and your objective evaluation, especially the tone of self-forgiveness, were a tremendous boon for me. In summary, I enjoyed every moment of my time with you in your journey. You truly have an amazingly important story to tell!
    “So much of your story resonates quite deeply with me . . . I acted out in a very similar fashion, and it has been startling to read that so much of what you felt and did parallels my own journey!” ~ A. O., Executive, Health Association/Retired

 The reading . . . experience has had a . . . profound impact on me. Demons Hidden Within needs to be in the hands, hearts, and minds of LOTS of people . . . The extensive research, the courage, the openness, the format all blends so very, very well. I can easily identify other ‘hurting’ people . . . who COULD and/or WOULD benefit from your story.
     “Please push hard to get this STORY into the hands of those who can initiate an intervention into many lives, as therapists, counselors, and in the right hands, as a friend.” ~ D. R., Teacher/Counselor/Retired 

 “Compelling; very well written.” ~ M. H., Director, Religious Education

 “I was a social worker for 13 years, a therapist for 10 years, and now an editor/book cover designer for 13 years, and in all my 75 years on this planet, I have never ever encountered a person who did such a deep study of the literature and applied it so courageously to her life. This book has impressed me beyond words. I see this book would be an EXCELLENT book for university courses in psychology, sociology, social work, and counseling (my majors!) and wish my old professors were still alive so I could send this book to them!!” ~ C. L. R., Editor/Graphic Designer

The author is ‘extremely courageous;’ but I am ‘so sorry that she suffered' as she did. Her story ‘made me think that I could use another go through the Hoffman Institute to get to the deeper layers.’
“Thank God for her husband Jamie’s love for her. . .” ~ D. K., Policy Analyst

“You did an outstanding job . . . I can see how the book will be extremely helpful to so many people . . . trying to understand their ‘self.’ You dug so deep into all the resources given to you and unearthed by you. Not everyone possesses this ability and this is where your thought processes will be invaluable to others.
      “The way you have worked with such diligence to figure out why you are the way you are is commendable. I was drawn to you because of the way you are . . . unique.” ~ A. W., Medical Technician/Retired

 “I have had time to read your brutally honest book. I am awed by the devotion you and Jamie have for each other, as well as the supportive strengths you share in difficult, even devastating times.
      “Two things stand out for me: The first is the mettle you demonstrate in your willingness to be fearless in your self-examination and attempts to know, understand, and accept yourself. Such a daunting task for any of us, but particularly so for someone emerging from abuse and looking to move beyond mere survival to thriving and living her life with rich texture and depth and honesty. Surely you know that few of us can make that transition, but you did, and with writing about your journey, you make it possible for others to travel a similar path.
      “The second part that hits me with an emotional wallop is that perhaps if the almost unspeakable tragedy of Jeffrey's death had not happened, you might not have been spurred to seek relief from a pain to which you had almost become unconscious, that with his death, he gave you and Jamie the opportunity to find new life.
      “Thank you for sharing your story and journey with me. I salute you and Jamie and the love and courage you have shared these many years. Sending affection and wishing you peace.” ~ J. B., Family Therapist


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