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UNPLUGGED: Hundreds of Activities for Teens to Do Without a Screen

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UNPLUGGED: Hundreds of Activities for Teens to Do Without a Screen

$ 12.95
UNPLUGGED: Hundreds of Activities for Teens to Do Without a Screen
by Paul Walker, Alexandra Boyden Walker, and Calvin Boyden Walker

INTELLIGENT AND FUNNY, this book is designed for teenagers; it has hundreds of fun activities that teenagers can do that don't involve a screen.

Some of the ideas are free and only take a few minutes
while others may cost a small fortune and take years.
UNPLUGGED contains useful ideas,
such as creative ways to earn money
and ideas to make your parents happy.
There are a number of activities teens can do with their friends
or to do to make new friends. 


  1. The first section includes lists of activities that people can do, from cooking to earning money.
  2. The second includes things that teens should know about, like how to avoid being poor, how to negotiate, how to tell if someone is lying, and other similar skills.
  3. The third is similar to the second, only more focused on health. Because some of the sections are simply long lists, at the bottom “activities” were added which serve as hints or jumping-off points for that particular list.

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Paul Walker is the dad. His daughter Alexandra Boyden Walker (age 13) and his son Calvin Boyden Walker (age 17) give their dad “rant scores” whenever he contributes to the book, yet it is obvious they have deep respect for him. Teens themselves, they are concerned their peers will grow up with compromised social skills because of their obsession with their devices, spending the equivalent of 136 days a year on them. So they did extensive research and created lists of healthier activities to do instead.

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ISBN: Paperback: 978-1-944297-58-9
6 x 9 Paperback, 168 pages, $12.95
DISTRIBUTION: IPG, Chicago; Gazelle, Europe

FOREIGN RIGHTS: Sylvia Hayse Literary Agency,


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