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The Path to Healthy Relationships Poster

Robert Reed Publishers

The Path to Healthy Relationships Poster

$ 19.95 $ 24.95

“An Eye Chart for Healthy Relationships!"

This poster, illustrated by award-winning artist Gay W. Holland, can be framed in a standard 24" x 36" frame.  

Please consider buying three for only $30.00 (retail value $74.85) and donate one too your local abuse shelter. Click here.

So many places to hang it: 

  • Office
  • Local Abuse Shelter
  • Teacher's Lounge
  • High school or college counselor's office
  • Therapist's Waiting Room
  • Dorm room
  • In your home

It visually stimulates thinking: What is a healthy relationship?  Is my relationship all I want it to be?  What ingredients in a partner do I want to cultivate/attract into my life? Am I all I want to be in a relationship?

The poster is a teaching tool and is loaded with opportunities for the professional working with relationship issues. It is a treasure map you can proudly display on your wall to affirm what you want.

Educational, inspirational, motivational, and therapeutic, this exquisite piece of art is a perfect gift to yourself or anyone you care about.

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