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The Path to Healthy Relationships Poster and accompanying book, IT ALL BEGINS WITH YOU

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The Path to Healthy Relationships Poster and accompanying book, IT ALL BEGINS WITH YOU

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This poster, illustrated by award-winning artist Gay W. Holland, can be framed in a standard 24" x 36" frame.  

“An Eye Chart for Healthy Relationships!" So many places to hang it: 

  • Office
  • Local Abuse Shelter
  • Teacher's Lounge
  • High school or college counselor's office
  • Therapist's Waiting Room
  • Dorm room
  • In your home

It visually stimulates thinking: What is a healthy relationship?  Is my relationship all I want it to be?  What ingredients in a partner do I want to cultivate/attract into my life? Am I all I want to be in a relationship?

The poster is a teaching tool and is loaded with opportunities for the professional working with relationship issues. It is a treasure map you can proudly display on your wall to affirm what you want.

Educational, inspirational, motivational, and therapeutic, this exquisite piece of art is a perfect gift to yourself or anyone you care about.

The premise is that until we ourselves embrace the characteristics we want in our relationships, we will merely attract mirrors of our own qualities. If you want a healthy relationship, it is up to you to be a healthy person yourself.

Whether you want to attract a healthy relationship into your life or to improve your relationship with a partner you already have, a family member, or your friends, the poster (which fits in a standard 24” x 36” frame) and this little book can serve as tools to do your personal growth work and become the person you want to be. Hang the poster on a wall in your home, teenager’s bedroom, office, or wherever you gather with a group of people, and use it as a prompt in discussions and/or in doing the written exercises in this book.

To create a healthy relationship, it is important to be the kind of person with whom you want a relationship. It doesn’t make sense to be selfish and greedy and expect to attract a generous, giving person into your life... but that is often what a selfish and greedy person seeks to enable their shadow side.

On the other hand, a kind, fun-loving person who loves to travel attracting a like-minded person can lead a very fulfilling life. To create a healthy relationship, cultivate the positive qualities that you want a person to have so that you may attract your healthy “mirror” to you... or improve the relationship(s) you already have.

A book THE PATH TO HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS: IT ALL BEGINS WITH YOU is available as a Kindle. Click here.

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