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Amid the Dance of Fireflies by Julia Nally-Greiner

Robert D Reed Publishers

Amid the Dance of Fireflies by Julia Nally-Greiner

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AMID THE DANCE OF FIREFLIES by Julia Nally-Greiner is a memoir of Julia Nally-Greiner’s reflections on growing up as the youngest of eleven children in a loving Irish-German Catholic family in small town Maumee, Ohio, along the Maumee River. She weaves the story of her youth through sunshine and shadow as her mother and several siblings deal with the reality of mental illness. This is a story to help all of us better understand this "hidden disease" and to shine a light on its dark side.

Initially, the sole purpose of Julia’s writing this book was merely an attempt to heal. However, after attending her first walk for mental health and suicide awareness not long after her brother’s death, she quickly came to realize neither she nor her family held ownership to the journey of this pain. It was not hers alone, nor was it for her family to keep hidden.

Julia is a sister, wife, mother, nurse, and strong advocate of mental health awareness. The proceeds from her book will go to NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness).


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