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Don't Let Them Catch You Selling by Don Patrick Little

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Don't Let Them Catch You Selling by Don Patrick Little

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In Don't Let Them Catch You Selling, the author nails the essence of sales. In Chapter 5, he points out: "'Please, please give me an appointment,' and 'Please, please buy my product' are not proven sales strategies. It is a natural reaction for all creatures to back away when being pursued." This explains why people resist being sold. The interaction is, apparently, more complicated, however. As noted in the Introduction: people may resist being sold, but are evolutionary predisposed to buy. How to successfully navigate this human contradiction and achieve success in the sales profession is revealed, in clear practical terms, by a sales professional with over 50 years of front-line sales success. 

Available as a Kindle eBook on Amazon for $8.00.

And as an audiobook for $8.95.

A REVIEW by Var Lordahl:  I just finished reading Don’t Let Them Catch You Selling, and I was blown away. I’ve been selling for over fifty years, and what this book illustrated for me is that there are no shortcuts to success. There are accumulated experiences that a successful salesperson encounters, and hopefully learns from (or is forced to learn from) while spending a career in the trenches. Most probably never realize all that they have learned. The discipline it took to break out, and tie together, all of the sales elements, is daunting.

This is not a cute, simple shortcut, sales book, written by someone who has never walked the walk. The authenticity of the author shines through. The experienced sales professional will be gratified, and amused, recalling wisdom they had forgotten they had acquired. The new salesperson will find Don’t Let Them Catch You Selling a treasure-trove of essential knowledge.   

 ~ Var Lordahl
President/Owner of Lordahl Engineering


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Don Patrick Little is President of Evergreen Impact LLC, a Wisconsin-based publishing company. He has received multiple awards in both personal sales, sales training, and management. Mr. Little is a former Wisconsin AAU wrestling champion and a retired local and national chess tournament competitor. He has been previously published in community magazines. He was educated at the Milwaukee Institute of Technology and The University of Wisconsin, Whitewater.

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