Authors Wanted

Robert D. Reed publishers welcomes Author inquiries!  Whether you're experienced in publishing or this is your first time — we're here to assist.

You should anticipate that you'll be answering questions like these...

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Have you ever been published before?    

What is your current profession? 

Do you have a book finished or nearly finished?  

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Does your book have a tentative title?  
If so, what is it?

Which is the book's primary audience?   

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  •  Teenage
  •  Children

Is your book fiction or nonfiction?   

Describe your book's subject category (poetry, novel, science, health, relationships,politics,etc.)...   

Approximately how big is your book? (pages or words...)

Do you need it in a non-standard size (like for a coffee table, or tract size?)

Do you see your book as suitable for:    

  •  Mass Audience
  •  Limited to Specialized Audience
  •  Limited to family, friends, associates.

If you have considered the number of copies to be printed for your first edition, what figure do you have in mind?    

Which markets are you interested in — relative to your buyers?

How long have you been writing? 

How old are you and where were you educated?