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Trump Greeting Card

Robert D Reed Publishers

Trump Greeting Card

$ 3.95


Shock everyone when you play this prank!

If you hate/dislike him, think he is a liar, a conman, a racist, a narcissist, an “American Hitler or Mussolini” dangerous to our country's well-being, when you open the card and the sound vibrates, you will think it sounds like a big long reverberating fart and exclaim that is what he is to you… a big fat fart.

Create a buzz with your friends, family, and colleagues. Rewind, reverberate; rewind, reverberate; rewind, reverberate—until everyone is in on this surprise.

Let people know this is what you really think of this man!

Do want a Three-Pack or a Ten-Pack so you can really spread the fun around your family, friends, and colleagues. (It is a real attention-getter.)

Click here for the Three-Pack.

Click here for the Ten-Pack.

Call 541-347-9882 for larger quantity discounts.

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