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THE SHATTERING II: Breaking the Silence

Robert D Reed Publishers

THE SHATTERING II: Breaking the Silence

$ 16.95

THE SHATTERING II: Breaking the Silence is a compelling true story of overcoming child sexual abuse. More than a story of victimization, it is a story of the power of love, the promise of hope and the joy of knowing that we can heal. This inspirational novel will hold the reader in suspense where they will find their hearts forever touched. If we can be brave enough to enter the dark shadows of the unspeakable and pull back the curtains, we not only reveal the light, but set the captives free. It is God's desire to take us from lost to found, from death to life, from victim to Victor!

OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE: APRIL 1, 2017 for National Child Abuse Prevention Month

“Marsha Barth's book stands out as an insightful, compassionate and candid journey from the pain of abuse to the blessing of healing. THE SHATTERING II is written with personal knowledge of the pain in the process but with a unique understanding of the heart of human nature, as well. Every reader will learn that, while the healing process is not easy and it is not quick, it is possible if we break the silence that has trapped so many in the past. This engaging book will be a valuable resource for all who are committed to the healing process.” ~ PA State Representative Mauree Gingrich

“…..Because of a "little faith" put in Christ Jesus, Marty ‘was not’ and ‘has not’ been destroyed! She is a Victor! ….THE SHATTERING II is a story of a life, enacting Faith to overcome unto Victory!” ~Larry D. Stewart Jr., Family Preservation & Reunification Specialist

“The first right of any child victim is not to have been a victim at all. Marsha Barth's book demonstrates why this is so critical.” ~ Andrew Willis, Founder of the STOP ABUSE CAMPAIGN

Marsha Barth makes an important contribution by telling her true story in THE SHATTERING II ….Marsha’s writing makes us care deeply about a frightened and broken girl who becomes a courageous woman... ” ~ Barry Goldstein, Author of The Quincy Solution and Scared To Leave, Afraid To Stay: Paths From Family Violence to Safety

THE SHATTERING II: Breaking the Silence
6 x 9 paperback, 360 pages, $16.95
ISBN: 978-1-944297-05-3
Kindle version: 978-1-944297-06-0

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Marsha (Marty) Barth has been an inspirational speaker for twenty years. She is an author and advocate, speaking at State events, to college Criminology and Psychology students, at State Social Service Forums; and she has been a guest for many radio and television interviews. She has worked at an addictions facility, spoken regularly on Christian Radio, and speaks at prisons, re-entry and recovery programs across the United States.

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