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Sunrises and Sunsets: Final Affairs Forged with Flair, Finesse, and FUNctionality

Robert D Reed Publishers

Sunrises and Sunsets: Final Affairs Forged with Flair, Finesse, and FUNctionality

$ 19.95

FOREWORD by Dr. Bonnie J. Kin

Sunrises and Sunsets is more than a book: it is a comprehensive, delightful, user-friendly life-long planning guide, a workbook, and a beautiful way to leave a written legacy for those left behind after your Final Sunset! Through an enjoyable step-by-step process, you will not only get your affairs in order, but you will also remove unnecessary burdens from those you love... and have FUN in the process! This is truly a wonderful gift for people of all ages—for YOU and for those you LOVE!

Advance-Care Planning:
  • Plan your OWN FUNeral! 
  • Complete your Advance Directives 
  • Write your OWN obituary! 
  • Complete your Last Will and Testament 
  • Record all personal and business matters pertaining to YOU!
Personal Issues Covered:
  • Create a Bucket List AND a “KICK”-the-bucket list! 
  • Explore YOUR thoughts on your existing state of living! 
  • Consider and contemplate YOUR thoughts as they relate to dying. 
  • Share personal and heartfelt details about YOUR life! 
  • Write letters to loved ones! 
  • Create a family tree, share family medical history, give life advice, and share YOUR journey! 
  • And much more!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Holley Kelley has a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism and a Master's in Gerontology. She is also a Credentialed Professional Gerontologist. She hosts Sunrises and Sunsets workshops, guiding groups through the book's FUNdamental material. Through her company, Latter-Life Planning Institute, she writes and officiates custom funeral services. She also provides gerontology services and consulting, focusing on latter-life issues, aging, and advance-care planning. Though much of her work is about life’s inevitable destiny, her focus is always about living your best life NOW! Visit Holley at

Sunrises and Sunsets
Self-help / Workbook / Gerontology
ISBN: 978-1-934759-97-4
Soft-cover 8.5 x 11, $19.95
Official Release Date: 1/8/16
World Rights Available
Foreign Rights: Sylvia Hayse Literary Agency E-mail:

A Preponderance of Praise:

“My father had just passed away at age 94 when I was introduced to Sunrises and Sunsets. Holley Kelley’s honest voice reached out to me in every chapter of this informative and inspiring book about preparing for the end of life’s journey.” ~ Andrea C. Birch, Ph.D., Dean, College of Fine Arts and Humanities, Professor of Philosophy, Brenau University

 “Holley is the real deal.  This book definitely has the makings for a profound and practical outcome. I can’t think of a better gift to leave my loved ones than the completion of this book and all its suggestions.” ~ Cleone Reed, MSE, Author of The Sacred Art of Clowning

“Sometimes in life you come across something that you never knew you were missing until you find it. This book is just one of those things. We all know that we have to plan for the end of our lives, and this is the first and only comprehensive guide I have found to help with that important planning. This is a must-have item to take stock of your own life at any age and help not only yourself but those you must inevitably leave behind. Sunrises and Sunsets will be an indispensable tool in my gerontology professional toolbox and in my own personal life.”~ Ginger Ragans, MS, C.P.G., CAPS

 “What a GREAT book this is! So many people fail to prepare for their final sunset! Sunrises and Sunsets will help anyone overcome that obstacle! Holley’s informative work sheets are easy to follow and this book is an enjoyable process from beginning to end! We have completed many of the suggestions in this book, and the ones overlooked are now underway! We will undoubtedly be recommending this book to all of our friends and relatives! Thank you for informing us of this unique and wonderful book so we can share it with others!” ~ Bob and Cynthia DeTorres

“Having recently become a new mother mere days after losing my father-in-law, I have come to fully understand the profound nature of this book. Holley Kelley’s work not only demystifies the process for preparing for our own ‘final sunset,’ it does so while offering a beautiful and meaningful celebration of life.” ~ Leslie Hodges, B.A., M.A.

 “Through her narrative discussions, checklists, and practical approach, Holley Kelley helps us navigate end-of-life issues in a way that simply works! Sunrises and Sunsets helps define and plan our final journey, in a gentle and entertaining format. She is both an instructive and valued guide for anyone who wishes to get their affairs in order!” ~ Gary Gartner, CEO, SpaceFlight Memorial Systems

 “In our quiet moments each one of us know we aren’t going to escape death, but that doesn’t stop us from trying! As a pastor I see up close the anxiety, the grief, and the loss that often accompanies our final days on earth. Yet sometimes I get to see something else: a life that has intentionally created a gracious space to die well.

“Fortunately Holley Kelley has created a marvelous resource that can help you and those whom you love have thoughtful honest conversation about how to live and die well. This book is a workbook—a way of collecting and assembling important information, and providing a way of having the kind of conversation where our deepest hopes are expressed and our greatest longings shared. This workbook belongs in the hands of the young and the old. In short, all of us who want to live well.” ~ Rev. Laura Sumner Truax, Senior Pastor, LaSalle Street Church, Author, Undone: When Coming Apart Puts You Back Together, Intervarsity Press, 2013

“With more ‘senior citizens’ alive on the planet than at any other time, greater percentages of those of us who are of age to qualify for membership in that group have a life expectancy far exceeding that of our parents and grandparents. In my own experience, I have outlived my father by 20 years and my mother by a decade. As a group we do see the end of life as a part of life. Yet, many times we are no more prepared for this inevitability than our parents were. It is not that we mind so much thinking about moving on as it is that we don’t really know how to think about it. Holley Kelley has provided us with an amazing guidebook that is both sensible and sensitive to help us with our departure and journey, easing the anxiety and fear with simplicity and demystification.” ~ David Morrison, Director of Communications & Publications, Brenau University 

“Holley Kelley’s book addresses what remains after we are gone…our legacies! Whether we are aware of it or not, we create our legacies by the way we live and what we do each day of our lives. Sunrises and Sunsets is a great tool for those who choose to plan for their Final Sunset, as well as articulate their legacies with and on purpose. This do-it-yourself guide book is a must for all who want to leave a clear picture of who they are, as well as what they want, for those they care about and for generations to follow.” ~ James F. (Buddy) Thomas, Jr. – Founder Chief Planning Officer, Superior Planning, Inc., providing Multi-Generational Family Wealth and Relationship Management assistance since 1982, Author of The Coming Widow Boom

 “Holley Kelley provides clear, logical guidelines for getting one’s affairs in order while there is still time. Her lively writing style, wit, verve, and generosity of spirit make the process a surprising adventure.” ~ Dr. Nan Morrison, Emeritus Professor of English, College of Charleston

 “For many of us, planning our own death is never easy and often avoided; but in a delightful and engaging way, Holley Kelley shows how planning for death enables us to live more fully. Her fresh perspective has produced a one-of-a-kind book that provides plenty of practical advice while also encouraging us to document our legacy and ensure our desires are heard and fulfilled. I will advise all of my clients and friends to get a copy of this book and use it throughout the years. You, and the people you love, will be glad you did!” ~ Linda Sumner Weinberg, Attorney



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