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RelationShift:  Revolutionary Fundraising by Steve Chandler and Michael Bassoff

Robert Reed Publishers

RelationShift: Revolutionary Fundraising by Steve Chandler and Michael Bassoff

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Shift your relationships now and
raise millions for your non-profit organization.

Best-selling author Steve Chandler, and Michael Bassoff, one of America’s most innovative and successful fundraisers, have collaborated on this powerful and effective book.  Their easy-to-follow system will help you to create new relationships that can lead to the raising of millions of dollars.

One of the biggest fundraising myths is that it is hard to raise money in a down economy.  Not true!  The authors believe a down economy is frequently used as an excuse to suspend relationship building, the ultimate source of all major funding gifts.  RelationShift shows you how to dispel this myth by aggrandizing your organization during a time when other organizations are struggling.

Now more than ever, Americans are searching for ways to make a difference and create positive change in their communities and throughout the world.  By applying the revolutionary methods described in RelationShift, you will give people a way to make a difference—what’s more, it won’t cost your organization one penny.


Co-author Michael Bassoff served as Executive Director of Development at the University of Arizona, where he established a successful program at the Health Sciences Center—based mainly on securing gifts from private individuals through a broad-based volunteer effort.  He is a nationally recognized leader in health sciences development and was named President by the trustees of the Foundation of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.

Steve Chandler is one of America’s most sought-after speakers on the subject of relationship selling. His books and audio CDs and cassettes have sold over 300,000 copies during the past four years.  Chandler’s recent bestseller, 50 Ways to Create Great Relationships, has been one of the most popular books in the non-profit community for the past two years.

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