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Cowgirl Up!  An American Cowgirl's Poems, True Stories & One Liners

Robert Reed Publishers

Cowgirl Up! An American Cowgirl's Poems, True Stories & One Liners

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by Bobbie Smith aka Shady Lady

Cowgirl Up! is one fun ol' cowgirl's reflections on livin' n' dyin', laughin' n' cryin', marryin' n' divorcin', winnin' n' losin', singin' n' dancin', ropin' n' ridin', feedin' n' waterin', saddlin' n' shoein', bridlin' n' cinchin', campin' n' cookin', smokin' n' drinkin', eatin' n' fartin', whoopin' n' hollerin', herdin' n' wranglin', fishin' n' huntin', shootin' n' baggin', castratin' n' brandin', cussin' n' cursin', hopin' n' prayin', hatin' n' forgivin', dreamin' n' believin', agin' n' lovin' . . . From the bright lights of Reno, Nevada, to the serenity of the Rocky Mountains, the Shady Lady's original cowgirl poetry, humorous stories, one liners, recipes, and cartoons will take you on one hell of a ride - one you won't soon forget.

"Cowgirl Up! is entertaining and a great read from lid to lid. Bobbie Smith is the real McCoy."

~ Aaron Blackhurst, President of Marketing, Cowboy Up Gear

"The Shady Lady shares her wealth of experiences and 'wisdom' in an extremely amusing fashion in Cowgirl Up."
~ Jerry Shipman, Secretary/Treasurer, Sundowner Trailers

"Cowgirl Up! is definitely better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, probably more entertaining than a good practical joke, and maybe even more satisfying than a good horse... naw, maybe not. But it's a good read!"
~ Wayne Allred, Author of Yes, Even You Can Be a Country Person and The Outhouse Book: Readin' That's Probably Not Ready for Indoor Plumbing

"It's nice to see there are still a few good ol' cowboys and cowgirls around. You just have to look a little harder! I would recommend this book to readers of all ages. It will bring a twinkle to your eye, and maybe you'll even bust out laughing a time or two. Congratulations to Bobbie Smith on a job well done."
~ Bill Crittenden, Slash C Rodeo Productions/Cowboy Rodeo Commission

About the Author: Bobbie Smith (aka Shady Lady)

From her early days at the Hilltop Stables of South Central Los Angeles, to the Hacienda Stables of Las Vegas, to the Rafter R Ranch of Canoga Park, California, to the 102 Ranch of Reno, Nevada, to the Rockin' TK Ranch of Moor Park, California, to the Shady Lady Ranch in Northern Utah, Bobbie Smith continues to live out her childhood cowgirl dream with her crooked-eared horse, Joker, and three-legged dog, I-lean. Bobbie wrangles cattle all summer for some of the local ranchers and is a volunteer for the U.S. Forestry Service. In appreciation of her many years of dedication on the mountain, the Shady Lady Spring has recently been named in Bobbie Smith's honor.

"This book will spin your spurs!"
~ Kathy Jacobson, A cowgirl in spirit.

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