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BUNDLE for Writers: Deal a Story and two books

Robert Reed Publishers

BUNDLE for Writers: Deal a Story and two books

$ 39.95 $ 51.85

  Do you have a book inside of you?  

You just don't want to die until you have your words down on paper?

Do you want to write a comedy? A tragedy? Your life story? A work of fiction? A screen play? Regardless of what your aspirations, these bundles can spark your imagination, inspire you to get started, or if you have started, get you unstuck or get you to expand your work to new heights and depths.  Pick a few cards from the Deal a Story and you will be on your way!

Maybe you want to be a travel writer and travel! Or be a travel writer from home and travel vicariously around the world while helping others make travel plans.

A must for your bedside table is the book of quotations by Karen Speerstra. Absorb a few gems on a regular basis and own the writer in you.

NOTE: FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $25.00, so these bundles are priced to sell. Great gift to yourself or to anyone you know who has an inkling to write or write better!



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