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A ROSE HAS CRIED BUT HAS NOT DIED: How I Survived My Unbelievably Horrific Past

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A ROSE HAS CRIED BUT HAS NOT DIED: How I Survived My Unbelievably Horrific Past

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THIS BOOK WAS PUBLISHED, but the author terminated the contract after 286 emails were exchanged between January 30 and March 17 (when all production files were sent to the author), many hours of work were put into the production, and hundreds of dollars were spent by the publishers for flyers, postcards, and books. 


In A ROSE HAS CRIED BUT HAS NOT DIED, (also available on Kindle as an eBook) Norma Okun offers a harrowing, raw memoir of extreme childhood sexual abuse and child trafficking at the hands of cultists who destroyed her childhood—and continued to follow and destroy her adult life, including ensuring her parental rights were terminated and her husband’s career was ruined.

Amazingly, Norma perseveres in living to tell her truth, a quality she attributes to the wonder of meeting poet Eli Siegel , who introduced her to the philosophy of Aesthetic Realism.

In Norma’s own words, trying to recall suppressed memories of child abuse: is like entering a new city at night and waiting until dawn to see what it looks like. The light of the sun has left, and the moon appears, and the trees turn black. Until dawn comes and things begin to appear.

Fortunately, she has persevered in a life-changing memoir no one will ever forget, as she tries to rebuild her life and stay grounded in love, God, and clarity. And the workings of Aesthetic Realism.

Norma along with her husband, James D. Okun, M.D., wrote a book that also highlights the importance of Aesthetic Realism in their lives—A Holistic Approach to Herpes: It's Not as Bad as You Think.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Norma Okun is an equity actress, a psychic medium, and has been a student of Aesthetic Realism for almost 50 years.

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A ROSE HAS CRIED BUT HAS NOT DIED: How I Survived my Unbelievably Horrific Past
By Norma Okun

Softcover, 256 pages, $15.95, ISBN: 978-1-944297-48-0
Kindle eBook, $8.99, ISBN: 978-1-944297-49-7


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