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Unraveling Reality: Behind the Veil of Existence by Ishi Nobu

Robert D Reed Publishers

Unraveling Reality: Behind the Veil of Existence by Ishi Nobu

$ 16.00

Unraveling Reality: Behind the Veil of Existence

Through colorful, illustrative stories that come from digging down to the roots of physics and biology, Unraveling Reality exposes the very nature of existence. Dissecting actuality, Unraveling Reality presents how the world really works, and why. It is a worldview consistent with the wisdom of enlightened sages from time immemorial, yet brazenly bolstered by modern science, with discoveries considered inscrutable. The conclusion of Unraveling Reality will astonish you, and may change your own world, for you can never unlearn the truth.

Unraveling Reality is the opening salvo in the magnum opus Spokes of the Wheel. A comprehensive education for the inquisitive adult, the Spokes series covers the following disciplines: cosmogony and cosmology; Earth science, including geology and ecology; physics; chemistry; biology, including abiogenesis, genetics, life's history, and evolution; human physiology, diet, nutrition, and health; psychology and sociology, including history of; technology; economics, including history and theory; the human impact on the Earth (environmental ecology); and politics, including history of both theory and actuality. For more information, please go to:

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ishi Nobu is a scholar of science.


UNRAVELING REALITY: Behind the Veil of Existence

  1. ISBN 13: 978-1-944297-26-8
  2. eBook ISBN: 978-1-944297-25-7
  3. Library of Congress Control Number:   2017945100
  4. Category: Science, Psychology, Body/Mind/Spirit, and Philosophy
  5. Publication Date: 9/27/17 
  6. Price: $16.00 ($8.00 eBook) (UK 12.00 pounds)
  7. Format: Soft cover/eBook
  8. Number of pages: 200
  9. Size in inches: 6 x 9



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